"USMC Boot with Matching Belt"  

A boot that any Marine would be proud to wear. Red, White, & Blue with a Western Twist!



Dolphins leap and play across the shaft of these spectacular boots.  Made of black calf, the contrast makes the silver dolphins, outlined in teal, leap off the boots.  Personalized initials on the foot add that sparkling touch.

"In Good Company"

Company logos are a great way to promote your business while promoting good style.  These boots, designed for a custom motorcycle company, show the versatility of what we can do with your company logo.

"The Alamo"

Carved by master carvers, these boots depict the battle at the Alamo.  Remember your history in a new way with specially designed boots.


"The Firefighter" 

Black Cherry Brush-off is used for these very special boots.  Using the Fireman's logo of the Maltese Cross the the Ribbon of Spirit, these boots represent our brave firefighters. 


These boots are available in our standard sizes only. 



"OK with me"

Reminiscent of by-gone lore, these boots depict the Shootout at the OK Corral.  Hand-carved by master carvers, these boots are a one-of-a-kind way of protecting our western tradition.


"Oak Leaves" 

Oak Leaves are carved onto the overlays of these specialty boots.   


"Personally Yours"

Make a personal statement with boots designed with your own monogram or logo.  These boots, featuring horn-back alligator and sterling silver initials on the heel, make a statement that will make people remember you.


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